Fishing British Columbia - Fraser River Lodge
A Luxury Wilderness & Fishing Resort on the Outskirts of Vancouver

Ethnic Food Add-ons (Flavour of India)


Daal Makhni
Lentils Cooked in a Delicious Blend of Spices & Cream

Bhindi Masala
Fresh Okra Pan Fried in a Special Blend of Spices with Sautéed Onions

Mixed Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables Cooked Special Garam Masala Curry

Kadai Paneer
Sautéed Bell Peppers & Onions Tossed into Creamy Gravy with Cheese


Butter Chicken
Boneless Chicken Cooked in a mouth watering sauce of Yogurt, Tomato, Cream & Heavenly Spices

Palak Chicken
Boneless Chicken Cooked in fresh Cream, Spinach & Indian spices

Lamb Vindaloo
Lamb Marinated in Red Chili Vinegar Paste & Cooked in Curry Sauce with Potatoes

Rogan Josh (Goat Curry)
Tender Goat Pieces cooked in classic Indian Curry (Bone in or boneless)

Ethnic food (Flavour of Greek/Mediterranean)

Roast Lamb
Slow cooked whole lamb with rosemary and garlic and Greek spices

Mediterranean moussaka
Sliced eggplant, potato, zucchini, bell pepper baked in a ground beef sauce and then smothered in a thin white sauce

Mediterranean Meat balls
Homemade veal and pork meat balls served in tomato stew and roasted farmhouse feta cheese.

Ethnic food (Flavour of Asia)

Kung Pao Chicken
Chinese style Kung Pao Chicken (hot)

Ginger beef
Szechuan style Ginger beef

Tofu and vegetable stir fry
Firm grilled tofu and vegetable in ginger, garlic orange peel and soy sauce.

Fried Rice
Fried Jasmine rice with BBQ pork, snap peas, eggs and light soy

Classic Thai curry (Tofu, Chicken, Beef or Pork)
Choice of Meat with Medium spice Yellow Thai Curry and Vegetables
(Onions, bell peppers, eggplants, mushrooms, carrot, cashew nuts, basil and cilantro)

The Lodge reserves the right to change prices due to current market condition.
Prices do not include Service Charge and Goods and Service Tax.