Fishing British Columbia - Fraser River Lodge
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River Rafting

The legendary Thompson River & the spectacular Chilliwack River

We have some of the best river rafting here in British Columbia on the Thompson River and Chilliwack River only 30 to 90 minutes away from the Fraser River Lodge.

Thompson River

This is BC's most popular rafting trip covering 36 km of the best part of the river.

The Thompson combines big powerful waves into deep quiet canyons and the warm desert climate of BC's interior.

Prepare yourself for 27 exciting rapids over 4 1/2 hours of rafting with gourmet riverside lunch. For those who are not strong paddlers the Thompson River also offers Power Trips (rafting with engine). All necessary rafting gear is included.

Rafting season for Thompson River is from July 14th to September 23rd

Chilliwack River

Considered to be the best river near Vancouver, the Chilliwack is the perfect day trip. Flowing through the scenic Cascade mountains, the 'Wack" is at its best during the spring and early summer months. The rafting trip covers 18 km and is a 4 1/2 hours venture down the river. During the raft there is a break with gourmet riverside lunch. All necessary rafting gear/wetsuits is included and hot showers in the end.

Rafting season for Chilliwack River is from May 12th to July 15th



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